Eng. Epaphras NDIKUMANA

My name is Eng. Epaphras NDIKUMANA, I am from Burundi, recently working in the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and livestock as PS, but now working in a private coffee company as an Agricultural leader and Head of innovations.

I really appréciate all efforts put into playing to improve lives in all the country Nile basins, but also deplore the persistence of diffiuclt conditions to the survival of people.
– Mountains still bare
– Persience of high érosion
(Rate of 70T/ha/year)in some areas

– Banks of rivers unprotected
– High soil acidity
– Monetary contributions of the member States not provided
List not exhaustive,…
To me, there is no way to alleviate poverty and make lives better with such ”blocks”, unless we change the game, minds and act accordingly.
Some photos from Burundi in the Nile bassin side:

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