Assefa Mulu Bidu

Helo brothers and sisters at NBI!
My name is Assefa Mulu Bidu from Ethiopia. I live in Addis Ababa. In october 2015, I took a holiday leave and started to explore my birth place around the Blue Nile river. This article describes my journey and adventure to this great river where my father struggled with a crocodile while trading on either side of the river. I took public bus from Addis Ababa to Gumer. Starting from a place called Gumer, it took me 6hrs on foot to reach at the bank of mainstream Blue Nile river. The altitude at Gumer is 2000 meters above see level. The altitude at the river bank (Mabil) is 800meters asl. This area is the site identified by USBR study for hydropower development (Mabil). I enjoyed the natural scenery with my local tour guides and local residents at the bank of the river. I swimmed with them and it was refreshing. Local tour guides know the area well and crocdiles are not around where the water depth is so high. I enjoyed with them the local food prepared for lunch. I was so happy to have this first hand experience. Thanks to USBR study, this area is already registered in the satelite system. You can trace Gumer and Mabil via googlemap or pictures explanation; Ladies from Mabil area carrying charcoal to the market at nearby Gumer. The second picture shows me and my local guide swimming together. The third picture shows my main local guide with his cattles. The fourth picture shows Mabil site mainstream Blue Nile River and escarpment around it. The sixth picture shows my local guide walking at the bank of Blue Nile river. The 7th picture shows local residents at the bank of the river with my guide. The last picture shows local boat that services the public to cross the river on either side for trade and social activity. After I finish my tour I have bitten the uphill battle to reach Koli area. Koli area altitude is 1800m asl. It is between Gumer and Mabil. I stayed in my relative’s home at Koli for two days to enjoy the fist prepared as a welcome reception. Then I returned back to Addis to resume my job. Thank you for giving the chance to participate.
Best Regards,
Assefa Mulu Bidu

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