Declaration Statement

Declaration Statement by Hon. Dr. Deo-Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock for Burundi,and Chairman of the Nile Council of Ministers

Nile-COM chair

Today January 27, 2019 is an important day for the Nile Basin countries as I, on behalf of my colleagues Ministers in charge of Water Affairs in the Nile Basin Initiative Member States, formally launch 2019 as ‘The Year of the Nile Basin.’

This Year will consist of a series of events of global relevance, given the significance of the River Nile for its citizens, the region and the world. The Nile is the world’s longest river, starting its journey of 6,695 kilometers from Burundi in Rutovu, which is the most distant source to Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile Basin is home and a source of livelihoods to around 257 million people.

As it twists and turns its way across 10 countries, the Nile takes on different local names – for example Kagera, White Nile, Tekezze, …. In spite of this however, the River Nile is one great system that knows no borders.

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