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  • Prof. Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla The Sudan

    Head of Technical Water Resources Organ, Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity

    “The Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) is the only agreed upon mechanism of cooperation in the Nile
    Basin. In 1999 we have agreed on a common vision and procedures for cooperation.
    Sudan froze its activities in NBI in June 2010 during the Addis Ababa meeting but returned in
    early 2012 based on the strong commitment of the country for cooperation and the benefits
    accrued to Sudan by being part of the Nile Basin fraternity.”#MyNileStory

  • Assefa Mulu Bidu Ethiopia

    Nile Basin Citizen

    “I live in Addis Ababa but was born on the banks of the Blue Nile River. In 2015, I embarked on an adventure to this great river where my father once struggled with a crocodile while trading on the river. Starting from a place called Gumer, it took me 6hrs on foot to reach the banks of the Blue Nile River at Mabil, a site now identified for hydropower development. Women carried charcoal, men let their cattle graze, and I even swam in the river – local tour guides know the area well and crocodiles are not around where the water is very deep.”#MyNileStory

  • Selam Mulugeta Ethiopia


    “My most unforgettable story with the NBI was being able to participate in the first time journalists from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia visited the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam together in August 2016.”#MyNileStory

  • Kayitesi Odette Burundi

    Former Member of the Nile Council of Ministers, Burundi (2006)

    “The Nile Basin Initiative is a very important institution, promoting equitable utilisation of the shared River Nile. What I also like is the culture of rotating the key positions of chairperson of the Nile Council of Ministers and that of the Nile Technical Advisory Committee as well as Executive Director of the NBI Secretariat; this too promotes cooperation among Member States. Also the joint investment projects enable interaction among the citizens of the different countries and at all levels. However, the non-ratification of the Cooperation Framework Agreement is affecting the success attained over the last 20 years. Establishment of the River Nile Basin Commission presents a good opportunity to the Nile Basin countries”.#MyNileStory

  • Eng. Epaphras Ndikumana Burundi

    Former Permanent Secretary of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock

    “I really appreciate the NBI’s efforts put into improving lives in all the countries of the Nile Basin, but
    also deplore the persistence of difficult conditions for the survival of people. Mountains are still
    bare, erosion remains high in vast areas, many river banks are still unprotected, soil acidity is often
    high, and the list goes on. To me, there is no way to alleviate poverty and make lives better without
    addressing such issues. We must change the game and act accordingly.”#MyNileStory

  • Prof. Mark J. Mwandosya Tanzania

    Former Minister responsible for Water

    “At the technical level much has been accomplished in the last two decades, thanks to Basin States
    and to our cooperating partners. Political will is what is required to move cooperation to a higher
    level. I believe the will is somewhere there and the way can be found. And as the Late Mwalimu
    Julius Kambarage Nyerere succinctly put it: ‘It can be done. Play your part’.”#MyNileStory

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